Woodpecker Notebook

$ 7.00

Woodpecker Notebooks by Tale Design in Korea. Each notebook is tree-like with textured bark covers and wood grain pages.

Paper is made from trees, however, it lost its own identity to become a paper. Woodpecker notebook brings back trees’ own feature and try to reflect beauty of nature. It shows an appreciation of all the trees have done for us and wish for harmonized world.

How often in our daily lives do we write on a piece of paper without stopping to think of the many trees that the paper came from? I admit I do this all the time. Woodpecker Notebooks designed by Tale and brought to us by Writersblok, provide a striking visual connection between the paper notebook and the majestic trees that made its existence possible. Tale’s desire was to show appreciation for what trees have done for us and to reflect the beauty of nature by incorporating the features of an actual tree into the design of the notebook.


  • L 3.5" X W 5.5" X H 0.25"

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