Two Perched Bird Soaps + Soap Dish

$ 24.00

This lovely set of soaps features turtle dove shaped soaps and a white porcelain dish to serve as their "nest". The bird soaps are scented with a lovely hyacinth and tulip fragrance. This striking set comes beautifully packaged in a Chinese-style gift box, tied with velvet ribbon. Made by Gianna Rose Atelier.

Gianna Rose Atelier products are assembled in an "atelier" atmosphere, in which artisans lavish their attention on producing elegant designer soaps, luxury personal care products, and fine gift items. In an industry rampant with trends and the impersonal repetition of mass marketing, the collections of Gianna Rose Atelier offer a uniquely personal signature.

Natural botanical extracts, hallmark fragrances, and luscious, nurturing emollients are carefully chosen to create beautifully molded soaps, many of which are pressed from vintage molds. These soaps are vegetable based and French milled or triple milled to be mild, pure, and long-lasting. Packaged in exquisite gift boxes with letterpress images, graceful calligraphy, and such delicate adornments as fine silk ribbons, iridescent tissues, and velvet trims, Gianna Rose Atelier products are as elegant to look at as they are to use.

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