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How will you create something beautiful together?

Life was meant to be shared. If you have found love, you have been given one of life’s greatest blessings—and the 2 book is the perfect way to nourish and celebrate it. The purpose of 2 is to inspire you to dream together, plan together, laugh together, and grow together. Whether it’s a new romance, wedding, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day, the 2 book makes a meaningful and memorable gift. 

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher

"2" has already become one of the year's most sought-after books for couples. This is the latest book in Compendium's nationally-acclaimed life-by-the-numbers book series. The previous two books were "5" (Where will you be 5 years from today?), and "1" (How many people does it take to make a difference?). Both books were awarded the coveted Gold Medal in the Living Now Book Awards sponsored by Independent Publishers.

From the Author

Life is a shared experience. Everything, anything, little or big, becomes an adventure when the right person shares it. If you have found love, you have been given one of life's greatest gifts--and the "2" book is the perfect way to celebrate it. The possibilities are endless. Where have you always dreamed of going? What is your favorite memory together? How will you help each other realize your dreams? This is not a book about obligations, it's a book about inspiration. So, enjoy every spread. Have fun. Be generous, be daring, be passionate. Love!

About the Author

Dan Zadra is the Founder and Editorial Director of Compendium, Inc., one of the nation's foremost creators of inspiring books, gifts and greeting cards. Over the past 25 years he has written a steady stream of award-winning books and best-sellers, compiled more than fifty inspiring quotation books, and served as a communications or marketing consultant for dozens of the nation's best-known brands, including several Fortune 500 companies.

As President/CEO of Compendium, Inc., Kobi Yamada has led the company's transformation from a small strategic communications firm into one of the top creators of inspiring gifts, books and greeting cards. He is an accomplished writer, marketer and creative director, and has developed award-winning products, not just for Compendium, but for some of America's best-known brands.

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  • 80 pages
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