Rebecca Rebouche Happy Birthday Card

$ 4.50

Type Lasercut card
  with envelope packed in biodegradable bag
Width 120 mm 4  ¾ "
Height 170 mm 6  ¾ "
   Rebecca Rebouche embodies what it means to be a working artist in the 21st century. She balances the delicate dichotomy of brave personal work and coveted commercial assignments.  Her emotive and naturalistic style has been widely popularized on products at beloved Anthropologie, while her original paintings grace the homes of today's emerging collectors. Hailing from New Orleans, Rebecca weaves a tapestry of artful living that has been documented and celebrated in publications such as Garden & Gun, Southern Living, Anthology Magazine and The Great Discontent. She has built a loyal following of not only collectors but enthusiasts who feel deeply connected to her approachable and sincere style of sharing through blogs, social media and her mailing list. Through visual allegory, she turns heartbreak into wonder, temporal into immortal, invisible into tangible . Her insights into human nature are expressed through enchanting imagery. Viewing her portfolio is like stepping into her dreams, while her blog reads like a found diary. With more than 500 paintings in private collections across the world and a long waiting list for commissions, Rebecca is poised to be a lifelong artist-to-watch as she grows and takes the world with her on that journey.

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