Petite Pasta Nest Spinach Basil Garlic

$ 5.45

  • 100 Calories per Nest
  • One ounce each, Handcrafted
  • All Natural, Petite Pasta Nests add glamour and taste to any gourmet meal
  • Easy to make and tastes great
  • Adds flare to any homemade meal
  • Can be used for a myriad of pasta recipes
  • This pasta is already flavored with garlic and basil and ready to cook.
  • This pasta can easily be added to any dish that you desire.
  • This pasta is really easy to cook and tastes great with anything!

Petite Basil Angel hair Pasta nest are beautiful, 100 calorie treats to add beauty to your dinner plate. Hand crafted, and all natural means they're not only beautiful, they're good for you too!
One first savors the meal with the eyes. Picture these Spinach Basil Garlic Angel Hair Pasta Nests filled with a favorite sauce, maybe tiny meatballs and sprinkled with freshly grated parmesan. But then comes the really good part. The fork dips gently into the nest, is lifted to the lips, the fragrance caresses the nose and then--ahh!

12 oz.

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