Cheese Cutter Lavatory Mist

$ 12.99

The scent that wafts through the air when a person cuts the cheese isn't always pleasant. A fine brie or sharp cheddar can make the mouth water, but a a squeeze from one's posterior can make the paint peel. That's why they made, Cheese Cutter Lavatory Mist. It cuts through the odor and gets to the curd of the situation.

The mist has a lavender and moss scent to make even the foulest cheeses smell as fresh as daisies. It doesn't matter if you passed a silent but deadly or a window rattler, the Cheese Cutter Lavatory Mist can take it.


Who Cut The Cheese?

When your bathroom smells like something out of Stephen King movie, it’s time to break out the Cheese Cutter Lavatory Mist. It will cut through those awful odors and replace it with the sweet scent of lavender. When the smell is too much to bear, and it feels like you’re about to pass out, you know what to reach for.


Specs, Features and Bragging Rights

- Plastic bottle 

- Measures 6’ x 1.75” 

- Contains 5.3 fl. oz 

- Made in USA

- Smells much better than poop

- Manly enough for a dude’s bathroom


Who Would Like Cheese Cutter Lavatory Mist

Anyone who lives with someone who has the bowels of a hell demon is a good candidate. For example, your buddy who lives with his elderly grandfather. The dude only goes to the bathroom once a week and when it happens, you’re pretty sure he’s dead inside. Do your pal a favor and slide him some Cheese Cutter Lavatory Mist.


Frequently Asked Questions

I live in a sewer, can this help me?

Well, Leonardo, you and your turtle brothers are pretty much surrounded by the feces of a few million people. So, while the Cheese Cutter Lavatory Mist may help temporarily, you’re just going to have to get used to basically living in a humungous toilet. The good news is you’re a ninja, so at least you have that going for you.

How much is enough?

A few squirts should be enough to relieve even the most ghastly of aromas. Should it not be sufficient, then add a few more squirts and then get that person to a hospital because their insides are rotting. It’s a powerful spray and you don’t need a lot to get the job done…usually.


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