About Us January 16 2016


307 N. Madison Rd. Orange, VA. 22960

PH: (540) 672-6800

FX: (540) 672-6806

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We founded Briarwood Florist in 2005 and BRIARWOOD in 2010. But in truth, we at BRIARWOOD consider ourselves a 43-year-old company. When we found our storefront in the Historic Silk Mill Building in Orange Virginia, we had no plans to create more than a florist. But like my father, who established the first shop 42 years ago; the community was our inspiration to create something lasting.
We collaborate with local farmers, tradespersons & artisans to produce our signature style and produces of which you find both online and in our physical Shop on Madison Road in Orange, VA. We pay fair prices for quality goods. Working with our neighbors we help them grow their businesses and the community. We produce our fresh goods seasonally, because, it is how nature allows us to harvest our ingredients. We personally eat, use, wear, and wash with the products that we sell. And we'll do anything to make sure that as our customers, you love everything you buy.
We like to think that the values that made my Father's original Shop a success are still valid today. Because even though BRIARWOOD is one of "the fastest growing lifestyle brand in America," we believe that we'll never ever go wrong as long as we treat every single person like they were our family.